Flow Cone

ZI 1035

Standards:EN 445


Flow cone apparatus is used for determining the flow properties of grouts, mortars, muds and other fluid materials. The flow cone apparatus is supplied complete with:
Cone, Sieve : 1.5 mm
Cup : 1 ltr
Nozzle Fitting bushStand: 10 mm

ZI 1035 Flow Cone Apparatus
ZI 1035- A Flow Cone
ZI 1035- B Ø:8 mm Nozzle
ZI 1035- C Ø:9 mm Nozzle
ZI 1035- D Ø:10 mm Nozzle
ZI 1035- E Ø:11 mm Nozzle
ZI 1035- F Ø:13 mm Nozzle


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