Sand Content Kit

ZI 1032

Standards:ASTM D 4381


The Sand Content Kit is an easy and reliable tool for determining the sand content of drilling fluid. The primary functions of a drilling fluid is to carry drilled solids contaminants from the well bore. Sand Content Kit is used to determines the volume percent of sand-sized particles (any material larger than 74 μm (200-mesh) in size) in the drilling fluid. The test can be performed both on low solids fluids as well as on weighted fluids.

This sand content kit consists of a glass tube graduated to read percent (%) by volume, a funnel, and a 200-mesh sieve contained in a cylindrical shaped holder.

Complete Sand Content Kit package includes sand content kit, complete, with sieve, funnel, graduated tube, wash bottle, instruction manual and carrying case.

Sand Content Kit
Sand Content Kit

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