2-Zone Thermal Shock Chamber



Thermal Shock Test Chamber is used to test the capability of material structure or composite materials to withstand the continuous environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short time, and therefore understand the chemical changes or physical damages caused by expansion from heat and contraction from cold in the shortest possible time. It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, auto parts, chemical materials, electronics and other materials. The test results can be used as a reference or basis for product improvement.

How it works??

When it comes to two-zone type thermal shock test chamber.Sample is placed in the basket which can transfer between high-temperature chamber and low-temperature chamber, and transferring is carried out in less than 10 seconds and the samples are subjected to thermal shocks as many times as necessary because the system has a standard setting of automatic defrosting.(But we recommend to do manual defrost after cold testing)Moreover, hot chamber and cold chamber can work independently to meet more testing requirements.
The baskets for the vertical shocks are moved using their own cylinders fitted with a brake for precise and protected positioning, without any external excess size.
All our thermal shocks use the latest technologies to care more user safety and sample safety.


2-zone Thermal Shock Test chamber used to test the material structure or composite material in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and very low temperature continuous environment which can endure the degree of order in the shortest possible time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes physical harm. The applicable the object material, including metals, plastics, rubber, electronic, etc, can be used as the basis of its product improvement or reference.


  1. Dedicate touch and excellent user experience
  2. Unique and compact design, top grade appearance, stable performance and easy operation
  3. Can simulate a wide rang of temperature and humidity environments
  4. Capable of testing large components, assemblies, and finished products
  5. Customized sizes and configurations available


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