Digital Dial Gauge

ZI 9034



The digital display with its large numerals makes it very simple to use this Dial Gauge. Function and display section can be rotated through 270°. The sturdy construction guarantees precision and reliability.

  •  Button function: on/off, inch/mm, zero
  •  Cr2032 battery, automatic power off
  •  Data output
  •  Optional accessory: data output system, backs, contact points

Technical Specifications:

Model Range   Accuracy
ZI 9034-A 12.7mm/0.5” 5μm
ZI 9034-B 25.4mm/1” 5μm
ZI 9034-C 50.8mm/2” 6μm
ZI 9034-D 12.7mm/0.5” 5μm


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