Humidity Chamber ZI9020

ZI 9020



Top panel model with spray injection consist of stainless steel water tank, 2 nos, deluxe motor for dry & spray unit connected to the water bath. Inlet & Outer nozzle is fitted at the side for water supply inside the tank. Outer nozzle is also fitted at the side for cleaning the water tank inside the panel.
As given above having water level to check water inside the tank.
Control Panel:
Consist of Temp. Controller Le. Thermostat for dry temp. Control, Wet Temp. Controller ER/Thermostat, Mains, Dry. Wet Indicator, Humidity Indicator, Mains, Illumination Switch.Temp. Range:
Ambient to 40/45°±2° C, Suitable to work on 230 V A.C. Supply.


  1.  Digital Controller-cum-Indicator required canbe fitted at extra cost.
Chamber Size (inside) No. of Trays Ltr.
450X450X450 mm 2 95
450x450x700 mm 3 147
605x605x605 mm 2 225
605x605x900 mm 3 335


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