Exploration Seismograph 16524-P

ZI 10004



Seismograph Mod. 16S-P is the ultra-light version of the popular 16S-N Series; with its great touchscreen display and internal PC, it is characterized by a very user-friendly interface; thanks to the internal software, you can set acquisition parameters, display the acquisitions and record your seismic data in a glance.
The logical steps proposed for setting each kind of profile (refraction, reflection, MASW, microtremors, downhole, etc..) by the sophisticated acquisition software will allow the user to always take the situation under control.
All data are then saved on the internal hard disk, ready for the following data transfer and processing.
Finally, the integrated “DOWNHOLE” software module, which is fundamental for facilitating this particular kind of acquisition (also refer to PASI Mod.GFA & DHTG borehole geophones description), is an important value added factor for the instrument.


  • Seismic refraction
  • Shallow seismic reflection
  • S-waves analysis (MASW, Re.Mi., Vs30, etc.)
  • Down-hole, cross-hole

Main features:

  • 24 channels (48chs with 1x16S24-P "master" & 1x16S24-U "slave" connected in seris)
  • 24 bits
  • Touchscreen display
  • Integrated PC with solid state HD
  • Sampling time from 0,125 to 2 millisec (all channels)
  • Record length extended up to >65000 millisec
  • Digital filters in post-acquisition
  • SEG-2 data output format
  • Small size: 27x24.6x17.4 cm, weight <5kg

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