Total Station

ZI 8010



The ZI 8010 reflector 2 "Total Station offers a state-ofthe- art at an affordable price. This fully electronic device will pull angles and distances to a prism reflector with the push of a button. With no mode prism, you can measure up to 200 meters (650ft) without prism.

The ZI 8010 comes with two NiMH batteries 8 hours. A lead optical website for quick and easy set-up. A 4 line adjustable LC D display for easy data manipulation. Four yellow function key to guide you

ZI 8010 includes:

  •  ZI 9010 reflectorless 2" total station
  •  2 NiMH batteries
  •  AC Charger
  •  Hard shell carrying case with strap
  •  RS-232 PC download cable
  •  User manual

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