California Bearing Ratio Apparatus (Bs Version Mould)

ZI 3065

Standards:BS 1377-4


ZI 3065A : CBR mould body plated steel, with both ends threaded to fit the base or collar, 152 mm ID x 127 mm high
ZI 3065B : Extension collar 152mm ID x 50 mm high
ZI 3065C : Perforated base plate
ZI 3065D : Solid base or top plate
ZI 3065E : Cutting collar
ZI 3065F : C Spanner to mount and dismount the collar from the mould body. Two are required for the operation.
ZI 3065G : Compaction plug with handle 150 mm x 50 mm high
ZI 3065H : Annular surcharge weight 2 kg
ZI 3065I : Split surcharge weight 2 kg
ZI 3065J : Filter paper 150 mm dia No 1 Fisherman(Pack of 100 circles)

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