California Bearing Ratio Apparatus(Astm Version Mould)

ZI 3064

Standards:ASTM D 1883 AASHTO T 193


ZI 3064A    CBR mould body complete with collar & perforated base plate. Plated   Steel 6 In.(152.4mm) Dia x 7 In. (177.8mm) Height
ZI 3064B   Spacer Disc with T handle 515/16 In. Dia(150.8mm) x 2.416 (61.4mm) height
ZI 3064C   Annular surcharge weight 2.27 kg
ZI 3064D   Slotted surcharge weight 2.27 kg
ZI 3064E   Filter paper 150 mm dia No 1 Fisherman (Pack of 100 circles

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