Constant Volume Mould

ZI 3048



Often in the laboratories it is required to quickly prepare remoulded soil specimen for Triaxial and Unconfined Tests. Constant volume moulds are used for this purpose, using either dynamic or static compaction. The moulds are available in different sizes .
ZI 3048A For specimen size 38 mm x 76 mm long comprises Split mould 38 mm dia x 126 mm long. End plug 38 mm dia x 25 mm long pair. Split collar interchangeable. Ejecting plunger 38 mm dia x 126 mm long.
ZI 3048B For specimen size 50 mm dia x 100mm long specimen comprises of Split mould 50mm dia x 178 mm long. End plugs 50 mm x 39 mm long pair.
Accessories :
Split mould 38mm dia x 76mm long and split mould 38 mm dia. x 86 mm long

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