Plummet Balance

ZI 3015



Conventionally particle size distribution analysis is carried out using pipette and hydrometer methods. Whereas in hydrometer method it is possible to determine particle sizes in the range 75microns, the method involves computation and it is time consuming. The pipette method can be used for determining only the percentage of specific sizes less than 0.02, 0.006 and 0.002mm as a percentage of total soil sample.
The plummet balance method to determine sub sieve particle size for the entire range is very rapid and only manipulation of height of the balance, so that plummet sinks to the right depth is required.
The percentage of soil in suspension is directly indicated by a pointer over a graduated scale.
A vertical rod is mounted on a sturdy base having leveling screws.
A pointer with steel pivots turns is jewel bearing an moves over a graduated scale.
Scale graduations are market 0-100% x 2%

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