Split Spoon Sampler

ZI 3072

Standards:IS 2131-1963, IS 9640-1980


This is used for standard penetration test for determining penetration resistance (N valve) of soil which can be related to unconfined compressive strength. Penetration resistance (N value) of soil is determined by giving a number of blows with a 65 Kgs weight falling through a given distance of 75cm required to penetrate the assembly to a depth of 30 cm when properly seated on
the ground.
The sampler is made from a steel tube split length wise & held together by a head fitted with a ball check valve & a hardened steel shoe in size cutting edge of 35 mm dia The sampler is 35 mm i.d. & 50.8mm in outer dia & 508mm long. One adopter to connect 'A' type drill rods is also supplied.
Spares :
Body of split spoon sampler, shoe of split spoon sampler, head of split spoon sampler

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