Pore Pressure Apparatus 10 Kg/Cm²

ZI 3058



The apparatus consists of a panel for wall mounting on which are fitted 1.0 to 10kgManom/cm sq x 0.1kg cm. sq. a pressure gauge, bourdon tube type 15 cm diameter: Glass u-tube manometer for measuring low positive pore pressures negative pore measures and checking zero error of pressure gauge. It is provided with a mercury trap (mercury supplied at extra cost.) Null indicator made out of clear transparent Perspex with mercury trap and cursor to indicate the mercury level. Burette: 50ml burette for measuring the volume change in the soil specimen. Pressure pump fitted with four sleeve packed valves, operated by means of a hand wheel on the end of the piston rod which is threaded through the pump cap and gives a smooth, fine adjustment of pressure. Copper coil and water reservoir is fitted on board with complete stand assembly. The unit is tested against leaks up to 10kg/cm sq.

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