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Redwood Viscometer : ZI P 115
IP 70

These instrument are used for determining the viscosity of all oils, expressed in Redwood Seconds at the temp. of test as called for by IP 70. Both the types of viscometers, Redwood no. 1 and Redwood no. 2 electrical heating models are available. The viscometers consists of a heavily silver plated brass oil cup with a precision stainless steel jet assembled in a chromium plated both fitted with a heating tube or heating element and drain cock. The bath and cup assembly is mounted on a stand with leveling feet. Each unit is supplied complete with silver plated ball valve, spirit level and cover, the thermometer clip and receiver of capacity of 50ml. A works certificate is issued for each cup which is calibratd against a certified cup. Suitable for operation on 220V, 50Hz, single phase, AC supply. The following models are available:

ZI P 114
Redwood no.1 viscometer, electrial heating, complete with Dimmerstat. Used for all oils having viscosity not more than 2000 sec at the test temperature.

ZI P 115
Redwood no.2 viscometer, electrial heating, complete with Dimmerstat. Used for those oils, the viscosity of which exceeds 2000 sec by Redwood no.1 viscometer

Extra :
ZI P 11401 :
Thermometer IP 8C,Range: 0C to 45C
ZI P 11401 :
Thermometer IP 9C,Range: 40C to 85C
ZI P 11403 :
Thermometer IP 10C,Range: 76C to 122C

ZI P 11404 :
Redwood no.1 Viscometer cup
ZI P 11501 :
Redwood no.2 Viscometer cup
ZI P 11405 :
Receiving Flask

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Redwood Viscometer
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