1) Tile Abrasion Testing Machine  ZI 5024

This is used for determination of resistance to wear for Cement & Concrete flooring tiles. Tiles

2) Light Weight Deflectometer  ZI 3086

Corresponding to “German technical test code for soil and rock mechanics in road constructions

3) Cement  

Cement is the binder used to create concrete and mortar. The manufacture of cement requires stri

4) Vee Bee Consistometer  ZI 2001

The instrument is used for workability as well as consistency of fresh concrete. A slump Cone and a

5) Pocket Concrete Penetrometer  ZI 2014

Consists of a needle having face area 3/10 sq. cm. and graduated at a distance of 25 cm. The needles

6) Bleeding Of Freshly Mixed Concrete  ZI 2016

ZI 2016 is used for determination of the relative quantity of mixing water that will bleed from a sa

7) Cube Mould  ZI 2024

Zeal International is manufacturing Cube Moulds as per international standards (BS and IS). These cu

8) Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine (Petrol)  ZI 6001

Suitable to cut/drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, tiles or the similar materials. The machine

9) Concrete: Pad Caps And Retainer Rings  ZI 2041

Pad-cap retainer rings hold neoprene pads that fit onto the ends of concrete test cylinders. Made fr

10) Curing Tank  ZI 2045

 24 Hour cycle from time of mixing.  Controlled 35° C or 100° C ± 2&de

11) Poker Vibrator (With Vibrating Table  ZI 2046

The poker vibrator is ideal for the internal compaction of concrete specimens and a good alternative

12) Cementometer Moisture Meter   ZI 2080

Features & Benefits Fast and easy to use; simply insert the prongs into the material being

13) Permeability Appartus (Three Cell Model)  ZI 2063

Specification: The concrete permeability apparatus comprises of a mild steel cell of Square/Round c

14) B Type Air Entrainment Meter  ZI 2065

High-quality type B pressure meters measure concrete air content and include many value-added improv

15) Crack Width Ruler  ZI 2067

This simple gauge has been designed to provide inspectors with a low cost alternative to a graduated

16) Falling Weight Deflectometer  ZI 4041

A Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) is used to measure the vertical deflection response of a surfac

17) Travelling Beam Device  ZI 4029

The Travelling Beam Device is used to check for any irregularities in both concrete and bituminous r

18) Concrete  

Concrete is a composite construction material made primarily from aggregate, cement, and water i

19) Slump Test Apparatus  ZI 2002

It is used for the determination of the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the maximum siz

20) Mortar Penetrometer  ZI 2015

It is used for finding out the rate of hardening of mortar sieved from concrete spring and a stem gr
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