1) Jaw Crusher  ZI 5022

Features:  Compact and rugged for laboratory and small production units  Designed

2) Relative Density Test  ZI 3040

The equipment consists one each of: Vibratory table, with a cushioned steel vibrating decks about 75

3) Ring And Ball Apparatus  ZI 4001

The apparatus consists of steel bracket with a sliding plate support. That support hast wo holes of

4) Fraass Breaking Point Apparatus  ZI 4004

ZI 4004       Fraass Breaking Point Apparatus ZI 4004-A   A Stainless Steel Pla

5) Reflux Extractor 4000 Gms  ZI 4010

The simple apparatus working on the same operation principle of consisting of cylindrical glass jar

6) Marshall Stability Test Apparatus  ZI 4022

Marshall Apparatus Consists Of:  Robust construction  50KN capacity  Rate o

7) California Bearing Ratio Apparatus(Astm Version Mould)  ZI 3064

ZI 3064A    CBR mould body complete with collar & perforated base plate. Plated 

8) Ductility Testing Apparatus  ZI 4025

Designed to test three specimens simultaneously. The machine consists of a carriage moving over a le

9) straight edge (3 meters)  ZI 4028

A straight edge approximately 3 meters in length may be used to determine lateral surface regularity

10) Split Spoon Sampler  ZI 3072

This is used for standard penetration test for determining penetration resistance (N valve) of soil

11) Integral Proving Rings  ZI 3087

The Proving rings are made of special steel carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined t

12) G. I. Frame sieves 300 & 450 mm dia (powder coated)  ZI 3079

A sieve, or sifter, is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for charact

13) Oil Pressure Gauge  JPI 12001

Affordable economy steel case gauges Solid brass CNC machined gears and industry standard mecha

14) Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus  ZI 1002

Designed to find out specific gravities of semi liquids like mud and other liquids having densities

15) Vicat Needle Apparatus With Dashpot   ZI 1004

The apparatus consists of a metallic frame bearing a freely movable and with a cap at top, one vicat

16) Flow Table  ZI 1007

The flow table consists of a 30 cm dia polish steel plate with 3 engraved annular circles 7, 11 and

17) Cube Mould  ZI 2024

Zeal International is manufacturing Cube Moulds as per international standards (BS and IS). These cu

18) Concrete: Pad Caps And Retainer Rings  ZI 2041

Pad-cap retainer rings hold neoprene pads that fit onto the ends of concrete test cylinders. Made fr

19) Compression Testing Machine  ZI 2055

Compression Testing Machine (four pillar) Hand cum Electrical Operated The load frame is made up

20) Hoek Triaxial  ZI 6015

ZI 6015 : Hoek Triaxial Cell BX, 42.04 mm dia. ZI 6015-A : Spare Sealing Sleeves dor Hoek Triaxial
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