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1) Permeability Apparatus (Falling Head Permeability)  ZI 3030

The apparatus is used for the laboratory determination of permeability of soil using a constant or a

2) Sand Pouring Cylinder - IS  ZI 3033

This apparatus is used for the in place determination of the dry density of compact, line and medium

3) Soil Testing Kit  ZI 3041

A very useful kit to determine on the spot soil pH value. This is a compact kit easy to carry on sit

4) Digital pH Meter  JPI 9001

pH meter is a highly precision pH meter for continuous 0-14 pH reading & millivolts. The pH mete

5) Constant Volume Mould  ZI 3048

Often in the laboratories it is required to quickly prepare remoulded soil specimen for Triaxial and

6) Digital Direct / Residual / Shear Apparatus  ZI 3054

The test covers the determination of consolidated drained shear strength of a soil material in direc

7) Triaxial Cell  ZI 3057

The cell is useful for testing 38mm dia x 76mm high soil specimen. Transparent Perspex chamber with

8) Auger Posthole Type  ZI 3070

Augers are used to collect disturbed soil samples at reasonal depths for laboratory tests. Augers ar

9) Split Spoon Sampler  ZI 3072

This is used for standard penetration test for determining penetration resistance (N valve) of soil

10) Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus (Motorised)  ZI 3076

Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive wheel to

11) Light Weight Deflectometer  ZI 3086

Corresponding to “German technical test code for soil and rock mechanics in road constructions

12) G. I. Frame sieves 300 & 450 mm dia (powder coated)  ZI 3079

A sieve, or sifter, is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for charact

13) Plate Loading Test Set   ZI 3093

This test method is used to estimate the bearing capacity of a soil under field loading conditions f

14) Shrinkage Limit of Soil  

14) Soil Cone Penetrometer  ZI 3004

Specification: For determining the liquid limit of soils. This is specially useful to obtain reliab

15) Direct Shear (Motorised Twelve Speed)  ZI 3055

The apparatus comprises of the following. Loading Unit: Supplied with load yoke with direct and le

16) Pore Pressure Apparatus 10 Kg/Cm²  ZI 3058

The apparatus consists of a panel for wall mounting on which are fitted 1.0 to 10kgManom/cm sq x 0.1

17) Infared Moisture Balance  JPI 7002

It is portable & sturdy instrument for laboratory use for determination of moisture contents of

18) Pocket Vane Shear Apparatus  ZI 3077

This is an accurate and portable instrument for the determination of in-situ shear strength of cohes
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