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Surveying Instruments
Automatic Level
Laser Distancemeter Lite 5
Dumpy Levels (Indian)
Vernier Theodolite
Electronic Total Station
Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless)
Automatic Level
Electronic Theodolite

Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless) :
ZI 12007

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Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless)


  ZI 12007 ZI 12008
Measuring Range (under fair weather condition)    
Range 1P
No prism
Digit Display Maximum:999999.999m, Minimum:0.001m
Accuracy 1P:2+2ppm No prism:5+3ppm
Measuring Time Fine mode:3s, Tracking Mode: 1s
Atmospheric Correction Automatic Correction by Inputting parameter
Prism Constant 0mm/ 30mm
Angle Measurement  
Measurement Method Incremental Photoelectronic Encoding
Diameter of the Raster Disk
(Horizontal, Vertical)
Minimum Reading 1"/5" Optional
Accuracy 2" 5"
Detection Method Horizontal: Dual , Vertical : Dual
Image Erect
Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 45mm, (DTM: 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1'30'
Minimum Focus 1m
Vertical Compensation  
System liquid-electric detection/ Plate vial
Working Range ±3"
Accuracy 1"
Sensitivity of Vials  
Plate Vial 30" /2mm
Circular Vial 8' / 2mm
Optical Plummet  
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range 0.5m~α
Field of View
Type Dual sides
Power Supply Rechargeable Ni-H battery
Voltage 6 VDC
Operation Time 8 hours
Dimension & weight  
Dimension 200 x 180 x 350 mm
Weight 5.8 kg
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